Hello from Nobeoka! A Honeymoon Trip Update!

It has been a crazy month. After our wedding on July 11 in Oregon (we have been married for one whole month!), we jumped on an airplane and headed to Europe for our honeymoon! Our first week was spent in southern Spain where we explored (on foot) ancient cobblestone villages like Granada, Mijas Pueblo and Corboba, swam in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea (clothing optional), ate tapas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, strolled the gorgeous city of Marbella, met up with our good friend Eric and took a day-trip to Morocco… Yes. We went to Africa for one day. It was an adventure!

Wandering the streets of Gypsy homes in Granada

Marbella streets were lined with potted flowers


Eric and Jon strolling Cordoba

Clothing is always optional in Spain

Street food is always the best food
Wall art in Asilah, Morocco

Moroccan beach

Moroccans love their Instagram #assilahome

After our Spanish excursions, we were off to Italy. After a mutual semi-disappointment with Spanish cuisine, we were ready for some good eating. And in the land of pizza and gelato, we were not disappointed! Our Italian adventure was somewhat different from our week in Spain. Instead of a luxurious resort hotel, we backpacked to a few hostels (which were awesome!). Our first destination was Menagio on Lake Como. After a two hour ferry ride, we arrived in Menagio tired and ready to eat some pizza. In the morning, we kayaked and took another ferry across the lake to Belagio for a buffet lunch (wine included!) The five towns of Quince Terra was our next destination. It was beautiful!

As we boarded the plane for Germany, we were excited to meet up with the Moores in Berlin. Neither of us knew what to expect from Germany but it ended up being one of our favorite places. On our second day, we joined a walking tour around the city and learned about the rich history that we had learned years ago as kids in school. But now, seeing the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Holocaust Memorial, it became even more real to us. It was amazing to see how quickly the city had recovered as the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is nearly approaching! Oh, and the food was great too 😉 Saying goodbye to Berlin, we headed to Poland.

Berlin Wall

Holocaust Memorial

Then things got a little wild. Have you ever heard about Polish wedding traditions? Look it up. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We were honored to attend a beautiful wedding at a Polish castle and witness the love of a cross-cultural marriage of Natalia and Jose. There were people from 15 different countries who spoke a total of 17 languages. It was a blast. After eating more than we have ever eaten, drinking more than we should ever admit and dancing to Polish-American-Mexican dance music, we realized we were some of the first to go to bed after 10 hours! When in Poland…!

After the wedding, we found refuge in Hanover with family friends who took us to a German brewery, treated us to a delicious home-cooked dinner and showed us a man-made lake given to the city by Hitler himself.

Sadly, our European adventure had come to an end. But it was bittersweet. We were excited to spend the next couple days in Oregon before we were off to Japan.

We are now settling in to our new home and workplaces. Everyone has been incredibly kind and we couldn’t ask for more. Stay tuned and look out for the next post! We will give a detailed update from Japan!

Until then, Sayonara!

Jon and Kaya


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  1. Emilie Ely says:

    This is UNREAL. You are the coolest people. Can't wait to read up on your Japan update!


  2. so glad you guys are doing this! so happy to hear about your trip. can't believe you were in Marbella my Spanish home! love ou guys and look up to you for your adventurous spirit!!


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