Working Hard or Hardly Working…?

All is well here in Japan! We have been blessed with mild weather here in the southern region of the country but others in the north haven’t been so lucky. Our prayers go out to them as they seem to experience one disaster after another. As for us, however, we are safe and sound.

Makaya and students making and eating chicken nanban 

Adjusting to life here in Nobeoka has come pretty easy. Disregarding the fact that our phones were mysteriously shut off for a week and then miraculously turned back on, everything has been as smooth as butter. We are so grateful to be in a place like Nobeoka without the rat-race, fast-paced city lifestyle, outrageous rent payments or 100-floor buildings. Yes, we may be without the legendary karaoke bars and cat cafes, but we like it just fine. Actually, we love it. Coming from Eugene, we have found many similarities that small cities share. You could kind of compare Nobeoka to Eugene or Springfield: lots of farm land, bike paths and suburbs surrounding a small city center and low-rise buildings. To add to the similarities, there are multiple rivers running through the city that make transportation so much more interesting. Eugenians, does this sound familiar!? We also have the prettiest sunsets. But you might miss them if you blink…

On another note, we have been married for two months! And we celebrated Japanese style by slurping down some local ramen at a shop owned by the parents of one of Jon’s students. The local food here is delicious and quite a gastronomical adventure to say the least. We have tried everything from chicken nanban, Masumoto spicy ramen (Makaya’s absolute obsession), the hyper-free range Jidori chicken that made our jaws sore from chewing, okonomiyaki and several others. Makaya has fed her ice-cream obsession daily and has even grown a taste for red bean paste called “anko” while Jon enjoys the fluffy melon pan made at all the local grocery store bakeries. We have had a blast in our attempts to make traditional dishes at home and we must pat ourselves on the back for our success. At least we are trying!

Jon devouring miso ramen and fried rice
Makaya and her new obsession: MASUMOTO

And on the topic of food, we will be leaving to South Korea this Friday, the 18th! From the sounds of it, we will be spending the majority of our time eating, looking for places to eat and then looking for places to hike to work it all off. Our trip will span a total of 12 days and we will see Busan, Seoul, Jeonju, Daegu and Seoraksan and Maisan National Parks. It will be one busy trip!

Until then, we have several lessons to teach, volleyball and tennis clubs to attend and a gym to join!
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Jon and Kaya


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tawnya Pratt says:

    It is so wonderful to read these up dates. Thank you for posting. Love, your Mama.


  2. Tawnya Pratt says:

    It is so wonderful to read these up dates. Thank you for posting. Love, your Mama.


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