Kyushu Article Contest Submission

KYUSHU ARTICLE CONTESTWe recently had the opportunity to visit Kurokawa Onsen Village, one of Kyushu’s gems beaming with an abundance of culture. With two other couples, we explored the wealth of Japan’s bath houses, unique foods and thrifty hostel bunk beds. While at the hostel, Kaya spotted a flier advertising the Kyushu Article Contest. After our wonderful experience in Kurokawa, we thought this the perfect opportunity to share the highlights of our trip! Check out our article by clicking on the link below and help us out by giving us a like! 

8 Reasons You Should Explore Kurokawa Onsen Village This Winter Season Even On A Tight Budget” 

In other news, we have been enjoying (with a bit of envy) everyone’s holiday posts from home. It is such a joy to see the abundance of our friends’ new families starting traditions of their own, mamas making their mouth-watering famous dishes and babies bundled in their winter best. As much as we wish we could be with family and experience the traditions, we have been blessed with a community here that is eager to know what this season is all about. We volunteered at a Christmas party this past weekend and have our own party planned for our Eikaiwa that we are looking forward to. Kaya has been busy making sugar cookies with our new friend Aimi in preparation for cookie decorating and gifts for the office! We have also been praying for more divine opportunities to share the Christmas story with our coworkers and friends. Please pray that our eyes are open and hearts are softened. We all know God can do amazing things. 

We also would love to know how you all are doing. If there is anything we can be praying for or doing here in Japan, please let us know ASAP. And we always love Skype dates. 

Love always,
Jon and Kaya


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