Favorite Recipes

Okay so we love food. And in our tiny little apartment, our kitchen gets used and abused. We believe that through food, many things can be shared. Things like cultural traditions, history, preferences and hospitality. We like to think that we are adventurous eaters, willing to try new things and experiment with various cuisines. Mutually, we are obsessed with Thai food and love a good cheesy pizza, which both require time in the kitchen and a few hard-to-find ingredients here in Japan. But that doesn’t stop us.

Living in Japan, we have access to some of the most healthiest foods in the world. From miso and pickled veggies, to okonomiyaki and oyakudon, the possibilities are endless. We enjoy daily trips to the supermarket, gathering fresh ingredients and trying out new recipes. Most commonly, we use Namiko Chen’s Just One Cookbook for references as well as other various bloggers and foodies. Check out our post 12 Delicious Reasons to Move to Japan to see some of the Japanese recipes we have come to love.